New: Free MicroFreak Presets

November 27 2022
The incredible new MicroFreak presets (for all MicroFreak models) from Ultimate Patches. Includes an easy-install guide & preset list.

Listen: YouTube

Info / Download @ UtimatePatches.com
MicroFreak Owner's Manual Update

September 9 2022
Current version for all MicroFreak models: Downloads

MicroFreak Firmware Update

December 8 2021
Arturia's latest firmware + Midi Control Center updates for all MicroFreak models.

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MicroFreak Vocoder Version

August 21 2020
Arturia Announces a Limited-Time Vocoder Edition

  • 16 Band Vocoder
  • Gooseneck Microphone
  • Bright White Finish
  • Fully Compatible with all MicroFreak presets & patches
MicroFreak Vocoder Image

Full specs on the Specifications page
MicroFreak Announced

January 24 2019
Arturia announces a new digital / analog powerhouse synth!

  • Small footprint for studio spaces
  • 4 Voices paraphonic
  • Front-Panel Modulator Matrix
  • Built-in expressive keyboard
  • Digital oscillators with nearly endless possibiliites
  • Classic analog filter
MicroFreak Image

Full specs on the Specifications page